TBP Monthly Recap: Builds of Month 1

Let's look back on the last month of TBP: Origins

TBP Monthly Recap: Month 1

TBP: Origins, the first installment of a modded TBP season, began on December 17th 2022 and has been received very well by the TBP community. With the first month of Origins already over, we wanted to take the opportunity to recap and show off some of what’s been going on, especially showcasing how the talented builders of TBP have harnessed the power of mods to create incredible builds and contraptions.

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Back Row: Crutionix, Mewffin, Novahawk12, Red_Ddawn, 0zone11, meagansan2000, OnyonSwomp
Middle Row: Cygninikii, The_MCKid, Eternaldoom
Front Row: H4v0c21 (armour stand, photographer), Stafire_Dragon, blu3arrow, Gangorath, FusionEdge

On January 1, 2022 the members of the server gathered for the first server wide event: the Ender Dragon fight. This season’s dragon fight was attended by 15 players. The dragon was killed 8 times on night one, with the first taking 62.36 seconds.

Those that selected pixie, fae and Icarae classes were helpful aerial fighters while land based origins dealt brute damage on the ground.

The Builds of TBP


TBP has some of the most talented and dedicated players of any small survival multiplayer server I know of that isn’t a YouTuber collective. The server, which has developed and grown with it’s origin as far back as 2012 with Hitcraft and Grimsever, has players of all Minecraft backgrounds – whether it be Redstone, Building or Exploration.

The TBP: Origins modpack that was released alongside the season of the same name includes many mods that allow players to build and engineer with a completely new level – with thousands of new blocks, decorations, automation¬† and engineering. Since it’s been a month, I wanted to show off exactly what our community is capable of – and I can think no better way of doing so than showing you the bases that belong to our dedicated and talented players.


I’ll start with myself, as I usually like to show off what I work on at the beginning of a new season on Twitter.

Crutionix’s focus for TBP Origins is to create a sprawling village that fits the fairy aesthetic, as his chosen origin is Fae. A collaborative project with Mewffin, also Fae, is set in a beautiful Jacaranda Forest for its pink toned woods, indigo and magenta flowering leaves, vibrant grass colours and its pink and purple foliage.

Crutionix’s starter base and the heart of his village is a custom Jacaranda tree, with a delightfully decorated cozy interior featuring a kitchen and dining space. The build features plenty of custom made furniture and decorative items that were hand crafted with the chisels and bits mod. Surrounding this building are many other small houses built in the same style, paths lined with bushes and lanterns and tiny mushrooms.

Straying further from the build, there is several mushroom houses, gardens and ponds and an observatory-like constructed library with a reading room and greenhouse above.

Lastly, there is a sizeable bridge connecting to the part of the village being worked on and constructed by Mewffin. In the giant lake that the village surrounds, there is a custom made nether portal island featuring a nether portal inspired by the Fairy tera-type crown from Pokemon Violet and Scarlet. The nether tunnel to the village leans heavily into the aesthetic, with amethyst lamps, pink moss and jacaranda trees.



Mewffin is collaborating with Crutionix on the aforementioned village. Whilst she continues to try to find the exact style that should form her half of the village, she has created some beautiful structures and interiors. Her starter house is similar to that of Crutionix’s, but with some additional flair. Her tree house gives the illusion of a small and quaint cottage, but once you step down the staircase into the hill the house is constructed on, a beautiful kitchen and dining space awaits you, followed by the living room of your dreams. Mewffin has taken advantage of chisels and bits, furniture mods as well as many of the new modded stone and brick blocks to create an inviting atmosphere that’ll make you think you’re in a different game.


Cygninikii’s base is a marvel to see. When approaching his base, it’s easy to miss even when it’s right in front of you. His base has been carefully constructed around the natural terrain, leaving you with a base that blends perfectly into its surroundings in the best way possible. His use of chisels and bits and customised furniture leaves you astounded in every room. The harder and more detailed you look, the more blocks you find that you question – “which modpack is this from?” just to find out that it is a combination of several different blocks.

Rooms in the house feel warm and inviting – radiating with the feeling of “this room has been lived in”, alongside a suite of functional windmills and watermills and a beautiful farm that respects the landscape in which it was created. Cygninikii’s base will go down in TBP history as a favourite in it’s attention to detail.


Nestled neatly in a fragment forest, The_MCKid has built a highly detailed village comprising of a custom made river, sprawling paths and bridges and cottages that balance perfectly between overgrown and maintained. With custom chisel and bits accents and roofing, his attention to detail is on full display. The highlight of his base, however, is the mud brick lined farmlands and associated building – featuring a beautiful interior that ties together many of the newly available blocks and items, really driving home the purpose of the building – to be linked to the farm with its various cooking and food related items.


Red_DDawn’s base is a fantasy conversion on a pre-existing sky village. Being a pixie, it’s clear to see that Red has taken inspiration from their origin to create a mystical and enchanted feeling sky village, complete with a mushroom building for enchanting, a crescent moon nether portal and beautiful cottages that take advantage of new wood types and other blocks. Be sure to pack warm clothing though, as the snow and high altitudes can be gnarly.



OnyonSwomp has taken great inspiration from his chosen origin: the Dwarf. His base is still under construction and we hope to show you more in the future, but for now, guarding the entrance to his base is an amazing custom dwarf statue that literally dwarfs you as a player. Complete with a giant battleaxe, this monolithic structure is a testament to OnyonSwomp and his building talent.

H4v0c21, NightsGalaxy, Redhead_TMC, Putrid_Moldyman

H4v0c21, NightsGalaxy, Redhead_TMC and Putrid_Moldyman chose to settle in a tropical island across the ocean from spawn, an island of great volcanic activity. Their base fits perfectly within the volcano, with a nether focused aesthetic and red nether portal. Their base is filled with create contraptions, a chocolate production factory and a soon to be completed train line to spawn. Their base is a perfect link to the volcano, in terms of palette and structure and is an amazing sight to see.


Starfire_Dragon’s base is in it’s infancy as he found limited time over the holiday season to log on to the server, however it showcases a wonderful understanding of block palettes, using completely different blocks found in other biomes to match with the aesthetic of the destination and surrounding blocks. His village serves as a hub for villager raising and trading.


Novahawk12’s base is a meticulously crafted chisel and bits mushroom that includes space for smaller races, but has some space that is dedicated only to pixies, the origin chosen by Nova. His mushroom is nestled neatly within Crutionix and Mewffin’s village and features an awesome garage space with a miniature custom car.


Eternaldoom’s home isn’t yet finished but the parts of it that are finished are truly spectacular. Featuring an outside courtyard making use of bounty boards, supports and barrels, the building is comprised of many new modded stone and wood blocks. Just next door to the build, there is a custom made river and waterfall that excel in creating ambience and atmosphere.

Meagansan2000 and Blu3arrow

Meagansan2000 and Blu3arrow have created one of the more impressive bases on TBP: Origins due simply to their hard work, dedication and skill in working with Chisels and Bits. Whether it be the custom bonsai tree, the mystical ceiling art of the night sky, the custom rolling barn doors on their barn or the window guarding Christmas themed Pusheen art, walking through Meagan and Blu3arrow’s base is like being a child walking through a lolly shop.

With the creative use of chisels and bits aside, Meagan and Blu3arrow have managed to utilise many other mods to their advantage, using many of the farmer’s delight modded items to design a beautiful kitchen, the furniture mod to create a well decorated living space and bedroom, and the create mod to make a factory on premises with functional windmills. Their use of the custom wood and stone blocks doesn’t go unnoticed either in their truly impressive acreage of land just northwest of Mew and Crutionix’s village.


Whamborgini chose to situate himself on the same volcanic tropical island as H4v0c21 and friends. He has hollowed out a large spherical space underground and has shown a great amount of dedication with beacons, glass, concrete and sea lanterns being just some of the building blocks of his base.


We feel that it would be unfair to other server members if we did not mention that the design of this base is not original, and the placing of blocks was automated with a schematic cannon.

Despite not being designed by 0zone, their base which is situated in a Sakura Forest, is a clear example of dedication to gathering and farming resources. Smartly utilising the schematic cannon to automatically place blocks to a pre-specified location, this build was customised to utilise some of the new modded blocks available in TBP Origins. These blocks aren’t necessarily easy to gather either, with Prismarine being a main ingredient of the roof.

The future of TBP Origins

TBP: Origins has been so incredibly well received by players that there is no plans to wrap up any time soon. We look forward to seeing what creations are made by players going ahead. We hope to make another look back in a month’s time!

Thanks for tuning in!