Sunsetting TBP: Origins

Thank you for the support!

Crutionix and The Potato Farm team would like to thank you all for giving TBP: Origins a shot over the past 10 months. TBP: Origins was an experimental shift for TBP, with most of our players being used to a mostly vanilla experience. Whilst issues arose during the launch and beyond, we’re incredibly proud of the way Origins performed and we’re grateful that you all took the time and faith to give modded TBP a chance.

Similar to TBP: Skyblock, Origins was an experimental season that wasn’t intended to join the likes of TBP Seasons 1 through 3. We had anticipated that Origins would serve as an intermediary season between season 3 and 4. We were anticipating that we would start Season 4 much earlier, however, with the general landscape of The Potato Farm community and the general feeling towards Minecraft, we did not feel any need to push a fourth season at this time.

Unfortunately for some of you, TBP: Origins has certainly run it’s course. It is with this in mind that we announce that we are going to sunset TBP: Origins. You will have until September 30th 2023 to log on, take screenshots, finish any builds that are unfinished, tie up your loose ends and log off for the final time. As of 11:59pm on September 30th, the gates of TBP will close once more.

Does this mean Season 4 will start soon?

As mentioned above, the general feeling towards Minecraft within The Potato Farm has left us feeling that we do not and have not needed to push for a fourth season. For this reason, we have no news to share at this time on TBP Season 4.

But there will be a season 4?

While we are not ready to commit to starting Season 4 any time soon, TBP has been a large part of The Potato Farm and it’s community. We’d like to put a fourth season to our community when it feels like the right time. While we’re not making any guarantees, it’s safe to assume there will be a fourth season of TBP at some point.

How do I play another modpack, remove the Origins modpack or play vanilla?

We’ve recently released an update for the TBP Launcher that gives you quick and easy access to switch modpacks as well as enable, disable and uninstall mods individually. Make sure that your TBP Launcher is up to date and then use the “Active Modpack” dropdown in the menu to toggle between “TBP Origins”, “Vanilla” and “Custom” – using the Mod Manager to get finer control.