TBP Launcher


The TBP Launcher is a brand new Windows application designed to make it easy to receive news, information, announcements, downloads and more for The Baked Potatarium Minecraft Server. It was built with the brand new TBP Origins modded season in mind, so users can simply one click download the necessary mods to join the server. We’ve also gone ahead and built in the ability to download previous season’s worlds and also published the TBP Hallopack 2019 resource pack, for anyone that wasn’t around for the 2019 Halloween Event.

The first-run setup will install some dependencies if they’re not already found on your computer, which may increase the required free space.

Download TBP Launcher

System Requirements

Operating System:
Windows 11, Windows 10 (64-bit)
Free Space:
40mb Recommended (for application)
Installing Java 17 (May be required for modpacks)